Business Solutions

Need of custom made business solutions increased in recent past and various industries tried to build multiple layers of technology to optimize their resource and reduce operational cost.

Celledge was early to sense the opportunity in this space and invested effort, money and technology and come up with solutions which help organizations to optimize resource and service by building telecom infrastructure and software.

Celledge customized business solution with a rich layer of application along with RFID, GPS and M2M modules to extend complete stitched solution.

Mobile Infrastructure:

Celledge build best-in-class mobile infrastructure with GPS Device, RFID, IP Cameras to give a 360 degree business process monitoring mechanism.



Back-end Tool:

Mybiztrack offer a single interface to help organization take complete control of human resource and valuable assets on real-time basis. This also provides complete visibility of resource utilization and various analytics for management decision making. Our backend tool has the flexibility to integrate any existing IT infrastructure and define various operations rules for optimal productivity of resources.


Mobile Application:

A custom made mobile application can be extended to the organization which will enable user to use various operational modules as per their authority to perform daily operations on the move. This application can be controlled from the backend admin and work in tangent with different rules assigned by the organization.